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Weird Thoughts-Challenge

16.01.16 by Charly Speaks

Hello my darlings,

so today I am going to write in English! This ist some kind of test for me to see how good or bad my English is. And the most difficult thing is: I have to write down literally EVERYTHING that I think just in the moment I am thinking it! This sounds to me like a little challenge (I bet anybody has done that before). There are just THREE rules:

  1. Write no longer than 5 minutes
  2. Write down EVERYTHING that comes to your mind
  3. Do NOT correct your text (Cause you wanna see how you’re doing, right?)

.. Ok … so here we go!Okayyyy .. I am thinking of Andrew Auernheimer right now. And I deleted his last name, cause I spelled it wrong! Shame on me! Oh my god (was just typing in german, DAMNIT) … my mobilphone is blinking. So someone texted me on Twitter or retweeted my tweets or favorised it .. Do I spell it right? Favorised? Or is it favourised? Or favourized? Noooo way. That looks pretty wrong! Oh it is still blinking. Greeeen. Like my former facebook messenger app. But as you might know (if you read my threads) I have no more facebook. Wow, I think this really makes any sense what I am writing here. And I am sooo proud of my not-existing-spelling-mistakes. But I am cheating a little bit. If I spell a word wrong my hands are faster than my brain is and correct the word. That is MEAN! How could they? Really! I try to stop them from correcting but it is just something that I am used to. OMG here’s the first big grammar mistake ..

And that was it. My thoughts in five minutes. Really a bit confusing. I will NOT correct anything that I wrote above because it is also for you guys to see that my English is not perfect but I keep trying to improve it. So that I may be able to write a book in English some time (should finish one in German first ..).

If you like what you just read, give me thumbs up and try the challenge on your own (or just challenge yourself right now and write down your thoughts in the comment section below)!


You know you love me … XOXO .. Gossip Girl!


Oh no, that was not how I usually end my threads .. uhmm …





No that wasn’t it either …

Ok. Than just GOODBYE! I love you guys.


Charly <3

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